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Romantic Mall by Jean T. Cullen


= Online Shopping Mall =

Citta Moda with its Italian-sounding name (meant to evoke a City of Fashion, like Fashion Valley in San Diego) offers a wide range of products including stylish clothes, accessories, books and magazines, and a lot more.

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Caffeine Books and Galley City: best deal in town

Caffeine Books & Galley City are among my linked websites in the Romantic Mall (San Diego Writer/that's me). Another logo you'll see on those decorative brick walls in my virtual mall/bookstore is Caf&eacate; Okay (same place). You can read half of any of my books free, no obligation, no tracking, no cookies, not even a breath mint. If you like what you see, buy the whole book for the price of a latte. At my bookshop online, with over fifty of my own titles available—again, all transactions handled safe & secure at Amazon.

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In Time Of Pandemic: When you are stuck at home, you can still go out on line. John T. Cullen's Romantic Mall is a great way to see the world again, modeled on great shopping malls and galerias around the world, from Fashion Valley in San Diego to Portobello in London, from the galeries of Paris to Victor Emanuel in Milan, and more! Site in development—more info soon. Meanwhile: